Letter to Chancellor Phyllis Wise, UIUC

I’m no Fredrik deBoer, but I tried.

Dear Dr.

Wise, As a proud Jew, scholar, and critical American, I was disturbed to learn of your decision to “dehire” Dr. Salaita due to a series of controversial tweets. I surveyed the materials in question, and I have since felt compelled to urge that you reconsider your hasty and troubling action. There is nothing that Salaita has written that has not already been expressed by the likes of Rabbi Henry Siegman, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Nathan Glazer, Hannah Arendt, Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Henrietta Szold, and a cast of other esteemed voices. Keeping such a rescindment in place marks an offense to their legacies, not to mention to the dissenting spirit they so beautifully (and necessarily) embodied. Sincerely, Lyle Rubin Doctoral Candidate in History University of Rochester

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